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Are Your Essential Oils Therapeutic Grade?
Are Your Essential Oils Therapeutic Grade?
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Everywhere you look today you see the term 'therapeutic-grade' when talking about Essential Oils. Unfortunately, many consumers hear, and then believe, "Oh, you should always only use the Essential Oils that are marked as certified pure therapeutic-grade."

The term therapeutic-grade in reference to Essential Oils was started by one of the largest Essential Oil companies as a marketing ploy to say their Essential Oils are better than their competitor's oils.

It's unfortunate for the marketplace, and for the consumer, because the fact is there is no such thing as a therapeutic-grade Essential Oil.

An Essential Oil is determined to be therapeutic based upon the combination and percentages of the chemical constituents that are found naturally in the Essential Oil. There are no agencies that 'grade' Essential Oils as therapeutic.

There are many different levels of Essential Oil quality, purity, and therapeutic value, and again, absolutely no regulation available to assist consumers in discerning what is a 'commercial, recreational, and aromatic use' Essential Oil and what is a therapeutic Essential Oil.

How can the consumer know what is a pure and therapeutic Essential Oil?

Having an Essential Oil third-party tested with a Gas Chromatograph for the percentages of chemical constituents and having someone with Alexandria's deep understanding of Essential Oil chemistry to review the results of the testing is the only way to know if an Essential Oil is, in fact, therapeutic.

All of Heart & Body Naturals Essential Oils are Gas Chromatograph tested by an independent 3rd party lab. Every batch is tested multiple times before it's sent out the door to you, our customer.

This ensures that the same amazing Essential Oil reviewed and approved by Alexandria, and then ordered by Heart & Body Naturals, is in fact what ends up in the bottle for you. Heart & Body Naturals is the only company going to such lengths to ensure that you are getting the highest quality Essential Oils available.

Every bottle of Heart & Body Naturals Essential Oil is labeled with a lot and batch number that corresponds with the Gas Chromatographs on file at the corporate office. This is your assurance of the quality you've come to value and trust.

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