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How Is Your CBD Extracted?
How Is Your CBD Extracted?
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All Heart & Body Naturals CBD is CO2 extracted.

Carbon dioxide extraction is a relatively new process used to extract the essence of the plant. When a certain amount of pressure is applied to CO2 (carbon dioxide) this gas turns into liquid. This liquid CO2 can be used as a very inert, safe, “liquid solvent.” CO2 is the gas we all expel out of our lungs. It is also the gas that plants themselves thrive on.

When using CO2 extraction the CBD is obtained without the use of solvents and is very very much like the original herb itself.

CBD obtained from CO2 is usually thick due to the beneficial fats, resins, chlorophyll, and waxes that are preserved from the the plant material.

CO2 extraction results in a CBD oil that is pure and more complete with the more elusive cannabinoids like cannabigerol, cannabichromene, cannabinol, and cannabicitran (CBT).

In other words, CO2 extraction is the key to understanding the hidden medical benefits of the other, less prevalent, cannabinoids and how they work together (a process known as the entourage effect. This cooperation between chemicals within the cannabis plant produces some truly unique mental and physical effects that can’t be achieved by taking the pieces by themselves.

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