How Rank Advancement Works
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As you build your Heart & Body Naturals business, you’ll rise through the ranks and further expand your earning potential.

Rank achievement depends on the time and effort you put into your business, and rewards you at each level.


When you sign up you will be a Wholesale Customer.

As a Wholesale Customer you can be eligible to earn the Wholesale Customer Rebate from the members purchasing below you in the Matrix.

25 PV: $0.25 from members purchasing 50 CV (or more) below you down 3 levels.
50 PV: $1.00 from members purchasing 50 CV (or more) below you down 3 levels.

What Is PV?

Each product has a price value and Commissionable Volume (CV) attached to it in the shopping cart. Once you purchase a product that volume becomes your Personal Volume (PV). To qualify for some of our bonuses you need a certain amount of Personal Volume (PV).

Your Personal Volume (PV) equals your personal purchases.


We offer a Customer Loyalty Rebate that our Customers can receive based on the members purchasing below them in the Matrix.

Your PV (Personal Volume) determines how much of a rebate you receive.


25 PV
1 Personally Enrolled With 25 PV
Matrix Levels: 4
Qualify for Binary? No

With 25 PV and 2 active (with at least 25 PV each) Personally Enrolled Members (one on each leg) you will reach the rank of Executive.
Matrix Levels: 12
Qualify for Binary? YES!


The Heart & Body Naturals Incentive Plan is designed to give the everyone a chance to be successful. We want to teach you how to build your organization by taking baby steps that add up to a bigger picture.

Your 1st step will be to reach the rank of Executive! Once you do this, you can work with your 2 personally enrolled members to help them reach the rank of Executive, and so on.

This will automatically fill up the Matrix and build your Binary Legs! If you focus on helping your members become Executive as you enroll them, you will wake up one morning and realize you have residual income rolling in! Sometimes taking it one step at a time is easier, and less overwhelming than trying to look at the end result.

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