Which Leg Do I Place Members On?
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Once someone is placed in your organization they cannot be moved, so it is important to understand your Placement Settings and Holding Tank.

To advance in rank, you need active members that you have personally enrolled on both of your legs. Many times, putting customers on your "pay leg", will help to build volume on that side and will help you to cycle and earn the Binary Bonus. However, you will want to make sure that you are distributing team members on each leg so that you can also rank advance.

When placing new members there are a few things you want to think about:

  • Are you an Executive? (This is the 1st rank you want to get to immediately).

  • Which leg is your “Power Leg”; which is your “Pay Leg”?

  • Is your new member a customer only?

  • Do they want to build a business?

  • Are they new to network marketing?

  • Are they established and already have a team they will be bringing with them?

  • How many Executive Consultants do you have on each leg?

All of these things will factor into where you want to place the person in your organization.

You can learn more about member/customer placement by viewing the following video.

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