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If I Purchase 100 CV, What Do I Qualify To Earn?
If I Purchase 100 CV, What Do I Qualify To Earn?
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With a 100 CV* purchase, you would qualify to earn:

  • 50% Retail Commissions

  • 20% Customer Sales Bonus on wholesale orders

  • $0.25 Community Revenue Matrix Bonus (as an active Consultant or Executive)

  • 12% Binary Bonus (as an active Executive or above)

  • STAR Bonus

*If your 100 CV order is an Auto-Delivery, you receive 10 free $25.00 Gift Codes to share with others each month when it processes plus receive our free monthly Try Me product.

* If you have purchased a Value Pack and are earning 30% Customer Sales Bonus, you would need to maintain a 100 CV Auto-Delivery each month to maintain your 30% Customer Sales Bonus. If you do not maintain the 100 CV Auto-Delivery your Customer Sales Bonus would drop back down to 20%.

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