Pull requests

You can easily mark Height tasks as "In progress" and "Done" from a pull/merge request. Just type "Close T-1" or "Fix T-1" (or any other closing keyword) in the pull/merge request title, description or any pull/merge request comment!

Height will instantaneously pick it up, and mark the task as "In progress". When the pull/merge request is merged, Height will mark the task as "Done".

💡Tip: Don't want to use "In progress" or "Done"? You can customize which statuses you want your tasks to be marked as from your integration settings page.


The same works with commits as well! Just mention "Close T-1" or "Fixes T-1" in any commit title/description, and that commit will be linked to the corresponding task.

The task will be marked as "In progress" if the commit is pushed on a branch other than master. When the commit is merged/pushed on master, the task will be marked as "Done".

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