To prevent overrunning your tasks with updates from linked tickets, you can pick which to send from Product settings → Integrations → Zendesk.

Choose which internal notes to post to linked tasks

Cross-posted internal notes allow support agents to communicate information without leaving Zendesk. You can use them to send updates and additional information for bug reports, like version details or screenshots.

By default, all internal notes on tickets will be cross-posted to linked tasks.

You can also choose to completely disable cross-posting of internal notes or to let Zendesk users decide which to cross-post by mentioning either @Height or #height in the internal note from Product settings → Integrations → Zendesk.

Decide which ticket status changes to post to linked tasks

When a ticket status changes from "Open" to "Pending" or "On-hold" to "Solved", an update is posted on linked tasks.

To change this setting, go to Product settings → Integrations → Zendesk. You can disable these updates or select which specific ticket status changes to post to linked tasks.

Decide if you want to batch task updates in one internal note

By default, task updates and messages that happen within a 5-minute time window will be batched into one internal note on linked Zendesk tickets. This means if someone changes the task priority and sends 4 messages on the task, you'll get one internal note with all these changes on the linked Zendesk task instead of 5 separate internal notes.

If you want to receive each new update on the Height task as soon as they're made as their own individual internal notes, you can toggle this setting off from Product settings → Integrations → Zendesk: "Batch task updates in internal notes".

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