Make a purchase even simpler by using your fingerprint! Once you register your fingerprint, you will be able to conveniently purchase items from the fridge without needing to use your HelloFreshGO card.

How do I register my fingerprint?

The registration is done directly at the fridge.

  1. Scan your card at the HelloFreshGO fridge.

  2. Touch the fingerprint icon on the screen.

  3. Confirm the data security disclaimer.

  4. Put your finger on the fingerprint scanner - several times until the icon is filled in red.

  5. You will now receive an email. Please confirm your registration by clicking the link in the email.

  6. Your registration process is complete and you can now start using your fingerprint to purchase items from the fridge.

From now on, you no longer need to bring your card with you, as you can simply use your fingerprint to open the fridge. The fingerprint is only a supplement to the card. Of course, you can still use both.

I am not receiving an email confirmation for my fingerprint, what do I do?

Sometimes it can take a while until you receive the confirmation email as the machine needs an active internet connection.

Can I register a new fingerprint?

Please be aware that it is not possible to register more than one fingerprint per customer. Therefore, if you save a new fingerprint, the old fingerprint will be overwritten.

My fingerprint is not recognised by the machine, what do I do?

If you have already registered your fingerprint, but it is not recognized by the machine, restarting the fridge may help. We can do this for you. Please contact us under

Is my fingerprint safe?

No need to worry! We safeguard the privacy of our customers with the utmost respect. Hence, your fingerprint is securely encrypted and stored solely locally on the terminal and not in a cloud.

How do I delete my fingerprint?

Please contact us under and we will delete your fingerprint for you.

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