Where can I find my card number?

Your HelloFreshGO card number can be found on your HelloFreshGO card as shown below.

Do I need a PIN or password when using my card?

You can easily use your card without a PIN or password to open the refrigerator and pay for your products. To prevent third parties from making unauthorized purchases with your card, we recommend deactivating your card in case you lost it. This is easily done in your HelloFreshGO account. You can find the instructions in the following video.

I lost my card, what can I do?

For security purposes, you can easily deactivate your lost card yourself as follows

  1. Login to your HelloFreshGO account.

  2. Select the Summary tab on the left.

  3. Under the My Card tab, set your card to inactive.

  4. Now, third parties are prevented from making unauthorized purchases with your card.

Once you have deactivated your card, you can get a new one from your office manager or HelloFreshGO contact person at your workplace. Please notify us of your new card number in a short message via email to info@hellofreshgo.de. We will then activate the new card for your old account.

If you find your lost card in the meantime, you can easily reactivate it in your HelloFreshGO Account, just like you deactivated it.

  1. Login to your HelloFreshGO account.

  2. Select the Summary tab on the left.

  3. Under the My Card tab on the left, set your card to active.

  4. Now, your card is activated, and ready to be used for purchases at the HelloFreshGO fridge.

My card doesn’t work, what do I do?

The rare case of the card not working can be very frustrating. We’re very sorry about this inconvenience. Following reasons are a possible cause of this issue:

  • Failed Internet Connection
    For a successful registration of the card, your HelloFreshGO fridge requires an active internet connection. Usually, our fridges are always connected to the internet, however, sometimes there may be power failures. In this case, we kindly ask for your patience.

  • Shopping at different HelloFreshGO Terminal
    For security reasons, you can only use your card to shop at the HelloFreshGO fridge that was installed at your company. Shopping at other fridges is generally not possible, but exceptions can be made. In this case it is best to contact the person at your company who is responsible for the fridge.

  • System Restart Required
    If you are not the only customer whose card is not recognized, it may be necessary to restart the system. Contact us at info@hellofreshgo.de and we will happily do this for you.

  • Card Chip Read Failure
    In extremely rare cases, the chip in your card can no longer be read correctly. In this case, please contact the person at your company who is responsible for the fridge to get a new card. After receiving the new card, please contact us at info@hellofreshgo.de with your new card number so that we can register it with your existing account.

  • Payblock due to unpaid bill
    If you happen to have an unpaid bill, we will have to temporarily block your account until the open invoice is settled. Please verify your payment method and settle the open invoice. After receipt of payment, your account will be reactivated. If this is not the case, please contact us again.

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