What is the HelloFreshGO Health-Score?

The HelloFreshGO Health Score aids to easily compare the nutritional values of a dish. When calculating the score, positive and negative nutrients and ingredients are offset against each other and combined on a scale from 1 to 5. For example, the percentage of protein and fiber, as well as the percentage of fruit and vegetables, contributes positively to the calculation; the total calorific value, the percentage of sugar and the percentage of saturated fatty acids, on the other hand, are evaluated negatively. By introducing the health score, HelloFreshGO wants to help you make your conscious lunch choices even easier.

The limes from dark green (1) to dark red (5) indicate the score. The table below shows what each lime color stands for and how they may help you make a conscious choice.

Do you offer products without additives?

Offering products without additives is a major focus for us. When developing new products, we pay particular attention to ensuring that the products are as additive-free as possible. In addition, we strive to continuously refine existing recipes with regard to Clean Label. We have already had some success in this area and work very closely with our suppliers to improve even further.

However, it is not always possible to completely avoid additives in convenience products. For example, an antioxidant must be added to freshly cut fruit to prevent it from browning. Here, we use only ascorbic acid (E300), which is more commonly known as vitamin C. Acidifiers (E296, E330, E334) must be added to our dressings and sauces to preserve them. These E numbers stand for apple acid, citric acid and wine acid.

Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to continuously improve our products.

The best before date on the label has not yet been reached, yet the QR Code tells me that the product has expired and should be returned to the fridge. What should I do?

Unfortunately, rarely it may happen that the QR codes on the packaging are incorrect. However, we can guarantee is the printed date on the label.

So the printed best before date on the packaging is definitive.

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