Building Your Host Cleaning Kit
Purchase your cleaning supplies using our essentials cleaning kit list so you're prepared for every job!
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Hosts are responsible for purchasing their own cleaning supplies and bringing them to all Landing jobs.

Below are the essential cleaning supplies needed for every cleaning job.

All Landing Homes have brooms/dustpans, mops with mop buckets, and vacuums for Hosts to use while cleaning the home. If you have your own supplies that you would prefer to use, please bring them and let HQ know you are using them while on the job.

We recommend that all Hosts wear a mask and latex gloves during all jobs.

Essential Cleaning Supplies

**Please note that we strongly encourage all Hosts that are completing a member check-in job to bring a small amount of cleaning supplies with them incase there is an area of the home that needs to be cleaned before the member is checked-in. Those 7 items are marked in the essential cleaning supplies down below. Please reference the key in the top right corner of the cleaning supplies table.**

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