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Replying to reviews
Replying to reviews
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Why should I reply to reviews?

Replying to reviews is a great opportunity for your business to engage directly with your customers, and build trust.

Your public replies are a way for your customers to see how your business handles good and bad feedback, and how you acknowledge this feedback is a direct reflection on your business. This is why we advise our businesses to respond to all of their reviews, whether good or bad, and to ensure that all their customers feel their experience is heard.

How should I reply to reviews?

How your business responds to your reviews is completely up to you, however, here are some general tips we find helps achieve positive engagement between you, (the business) and your customer:  

  • Be prompt - your customers want to hear from you, and the sooner they receive a reply, the happier they’ll be.

  • Reply appropriately - take the time to read your reviews, take note of what’s being said, and acknowledge the matter being raised. Always remember your customers pay attention to your business replies, so reply professionally and don’t argue with your customers.

  • Say thank you - whether good or bad feedback, reviews provide rich information for you to learn about what is and what isn’t working in your business. You should thank your customers for taking the time to write a review. It’s also great to finish off on a positive note and show you’re a business that appreciates feedback, and is open to discussion.

What should I not say in a reply?

You should never include personal or sensitive information about the reviewer in a public reply. This includes their full name, contact details, or account numbers. This is confidential information, and making this publicly available would put our reviewers at risk.

What do I do if I get a negative review? 

Handling negative feedback is a critical part of your business’s review management strategy. While negative feedback might not always be easy to hear, it’s an important tool that provides you with an opportunity to understand your customers, and identify areas for improvement. Responding to a negative review also demonstrates that your business can address weaknesses and handle criticism.

 Acknowledge where you went wrong, show empathy and use negative reviews to help move your business forward.

Where do I go to reply to a review?

To reply to reviews, you will need to sign in to Portal, and select “Reviews.” This is where all your reviews are listed. From here, you can find the review you would like to reply to, and select “Manage” to view the full review, this includes the following information:  

  • Review title and star rating

  • Review description

  • Information about the reviewer

  • Additional review information

This is where you’ll be able to write a reply to your reviewer.

What are private replies?

Private replies from businesses can only be viewed by the person who wrote the review, and the reviewer needs to be signed in to Hellopeter. These replies typically contain sensitive information that businesses don’t want the general public to have access to.

Businesses on our Premium Plans are able to use this feature.

How can I reply privately to a review?

If you’re on our Premium Plans, you’re able to send a private reply to your reviewer. This is done by selecting “Private reply” in the dropdown next to the Reply button on your review details page. By default, this option is set to “Public reply.”


The send button is greyed out and I’m unable to respond to a review? 

Depending on your current Plan, you’ll need to ensure you haven’t reached your character limit (300) as it won’t let you proceed to send if you have. 

This review belongs to another profile, what do I do now?

The review will need to be reassigned by Hellopeter, please report the review by selecting the “Report this review” icon that appears under the review. It will then be allocated accordingly. 

A review was reassigned to me which has now negatively affected my response time, can this be fixed?

Absolutely! This is something we can adjust for you. This will be calculated using the time the review was reassigned to you and the time it takes you to respond once reassigned. 

How can I edit or delete a response?

Select the additional menu on the bottom right-hand corner, this will give you the option to edit or delete your response. 

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