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What is my review dashboard?

As you grow your Hellopeter business profile, you’ll need a way to see how you’re doing. Your onsite review dashboard allows you to do just that, and gives you information about your reviews. 

This includes information about how many reviews you have collected, how many reviews need responding to, your average star rating, average time to reply, TrustIndex and a breakdown of your NPS (Net Promoter Score).

These review metrics are key to understanding your business’s performance on Hellopeter, and are used to calculate your TrustIndex score and industry ranking.

What is my Google dashboard?

Having a business profile on Hellopeter offers great SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) value, and allows your business to be ranked in Google and in turn, easily found by current and potential consumers. 

Your Google dashboard is a way for you to understand how your business is ranking in Google, and how your consumers are finding you. It’s a powerful reporting tool and includes the following information:

  • Total impressions - The number of times your Hellopeter business listing and Hellopeter reviews have been viewed by users searching through Google.

  • Total clicks - The number of times users have clicked on your Hellopeter business listing and Hellopeter reviews from organic Google searches.

  • Click through rate (CTR) - The percentage of total clicks to total impressions.

  • Average position - Is your average position in Google search results for your Hellopeter business listing, and Hellopeter reviews using the highest position for these results whenever they appeared in the search results.

  • Search terms - The search terms used by consumers to return to your Hellopeter business profile and Hellopeter reviews in Google.

  • Pages - The most viewed and clicked on pages in Google for your Hellopeter business profile, and Hellopeter reviews.

  • Audience insights - The age, gender and location of all the consumers viewing your business profile and reviews on Hellopeter from all channels.

  • Channel insights - The different channels that are responsible for sending traffic to your business profile and reviews on Hellopeter (social, referral, organic and direct)

Why can’t I view some reports and dashboards?

If you’re unable to view a full report or dashboard, you’re on our Growth Plan. While you may be able to view limited data, you’ll need to upgrade your account to the Premium Plan in order to access all the additional data.

Can I export my reviews?

Yes, the export feature is available at the bottom of all our report pages. Selecting “Export” will download all your review information in an Excel document for you to work with outside of the Hellopeter Portal.

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