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Collect More Reviews
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Why should I collect more reviews?

Reviews are your gateway to building a credible online reputation. The more reviews you have, the more trustworthy your business appears and the greater your chances are of appearing at the top of Google's organic search results. With 92% of consumers reading online reviews, your consumers are your most powerful marketing tool.

The more reviews you collect, the more complete your online profile becomes. This is why we suggest our businesses actively work to get more reviews, and invite their consumers to write a review about them on Hellopeter.

How can I collect more reviews?

The best way to get more reviews, is to ask! Once you have engaged with a consumer, simply ask for their feedback and whether they could write a review about their experience on Hellopeter.

We've also created some tools to help you. These are particularly useful if you’re not interacting with your consumers directly, and include:

  • Your Hellopeter review share link

  • Review invitations

  • QR Code

Make use of these to prompt your current consumers to leave a review about their experience with your business on Hellopeter.

What is my business’ review share link?

Your review share link is a link you can send out to your consumers that will navigate them to write a review on Hellopeter with your business’s name pre-populated. It’s a great way to get your customers to provide feedback and write a review about your business on our platform.

If you’re already sending out targeted emails to your consumers asking for feedback, we suggest incorporating your Hellopeter review share link into these communications. Feedback is great, but it’s even better when your other consumers can read it, and gain value from it.

What are review invites?

Review invitations are a way for you to invite your consumers to write a review about your business on Hellopeter. It’s a great way to collect more reviews, especially if you are new to Hellopeter and want to build your profile.

To send out review invitations, sign into Portal, go to “Collect reviews”, and select "Review invites" to collect more reviews. You’ll see a section called “Sends”. This is where you’ll enter the email addresses of the consumers you’d like to ask to review your business on Hellopeter. You’ll enter these email addresses manually, or using our template CSV file. Once you've entered all the email addresses you’d like to contact, select “Send invites now”.

This will trigger an email invitation to your consumers, and will ask them to write a review about your business. People that select the link in this email invite will be directed to the “Write a review” page on Hellopeter, with your business’s name pre-populated.

There’s no registration blocker here, meaning the recipient won’t be required to create a Hellopeter profile before being able to publish a review - ideally increasing conversion rates! 

Please note each subscription has a limitation to the number of send-outs per subscription period.

What's a QR Code?

A QR code is a Widget you can download or embed onto your website that will navigate people to write a review on Hellopeter with your business's name pre-populated. It’s great to use as an additional feedback channel! Reviewers will need to have, or register, a Hellopeter profile first before being able to publish directly.

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