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How do I remove or report a review written about my business?
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Why are reviews reported?

Reviews are reported when it contains content that’s in breach of our content guidelines. This usually extends to reviews that fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Part or all of the information in the review is false

  • The review is spam or a scam

  • The review is defamatory

Who can report reviews?

Anyone can report a review on Hellopeter, including reviewers, readers and businesses.

How can I report a review?

To report a review, click into the review to view it in full. Below the review title, there’s a tab that says “Report.” Select this, and a form to report the review will appear. You’ll be required to provide the following information:

  • The reason why you’re reporting the review

  • Your contact information: full name, email address and contact number

Once you’ve completed this form, select “Report this review” and the review will be flagged on our side for investigation.

What happens when a review is reported?

Once a review is reported, our Operations Team will be alerted and the review will be actioned accordingly. 

If the review is in breach of our content guidelines, it will be removed immediately and if it’s not, an investigation will commence. 

We investigate by asking the reviewer to send through proof of their dealings with the business, as well as for them to verify their review.

If they fail to respond or aren’t able to provide the above, the review will be deleted.

Reviews that have been removed don’t count towards a business's Hellopeter metrics, and won’t affect their TrustIndex, or average star rating. If the reviewer has replied to their Net Promoter Score (NPS) email, this reply will also be removed.

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