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Review Badges, Widgets and Social Integration
Review Badges, Widgets and Social Integration

Learn about our Widgets, Reviews Badges, Social Integration, and how they hold SEO value.

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In this day and age, social proof is important. Once you’ve collected reviews you need to show them off to increase the trustworthiness of your brand. 

It’s become essential for businesses to focus on building a positive online reputation, and a brand consumers trust. When you display your customer’s feedback directly on your website, it gives potential customers the reassurance they need to make the purchase.  

SEO benefits

SEO can be a costly practise if you don’t know what you’re doing. Embedding our Widgets are a cost-effective, and simple way to rank in Google’s organic search results.

  1. Reviews are great for Google because they continuously give Google fresh content to index. New content is important because it means people interact with, and care about your business. 

  2. Reviews enable your business to become more discoverable, which ultimately leads to an increase in revenue. This is because reviews make use of rich snippets - a snippet with more information.

  3. All you need to do is focus on collecting reviews, and we'll do the rest when it comes to ensuring your discoverability by Google. Visible star ratings from your Google snippet will drive more click-throughs to your website, driving more sales!

Social integration

Does your Facebook page have over 2000 likes? If so, you’re able to embed our Social Integration Widget!

This allows you to show off your Hellopeter reviews in a dedicated Hellopeter review tab on your Facebook page. Your customers can see your average Star Rating and the number of reviews on your Hellopeter page.  

And even better? Your customers can write reviews about your business, right on your Facebook page. These will pull through onto your Hellopeter Profile, creating a holistic ecosystem for your online strategy. 

As social platforms become more prevalent, it’s important to use your Facebook page as a digital marketing tool, and having your Hellopeter reviews available is another simple way to use your reviews to increase your revenue. 

TrustIndex badge

This is a badge which shows off your Hellopeter TrustIndex score. It’s a great way to let your consumers know their experiences and feedback matters. 

By implementing our TrustIndex badge on your website, you’re able to highlight to potential consumers you care about them.

Star rating

This Widget can be embedded on any page of your website, showing off your hard-earned Hellopeter star rating. 

This allows your consumers to easily see your average rating.  

Business Metrics ribbon

Your business statistics allows you to show a range of metrics on your site. 

These are your number of total reviews, average rating, your TrustIndex score, and your industry ranking. Let your consumers research, and make their decision right on your website. 

You’re able to pick and choose which are most applicable to your business needs. If you’re looking for a way to wow your consumers, this is it. 

Review Feed

This Widget is a vertical feed that shows your latest 4 and 5-star reviews. 

Potential consumers will be able to see why deciding on your business is the right choice to make. 

Review Carousel

Our Review Carousel Widget allows your consumers to swipe through your most recent positive reviews.

This Widget is a great way to let your work shine, no extra work needed.

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