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The Facebook Review Tab allows you to show off your Hellopeter reviews in a dedicated Hellopeter review tab on your Facebook page.

Your customers can see your average Star Rating, and the number of reviews on your Hellopeter page. Additionally, Your customers can write reviews about your business, right on your Facebook page. These will pull through onto your Hellopeter Profile, creating a holistic ecosystem for your online strategy.

As social platforms become more prevalent, it’s important to use your Facebook page as a digital marketing tool, and having your Hellopeter reviews available is another simple way to use your reviews to increase your revenue.


  • Your Facebook business page must have over 2000 likes to embed our Social Integration Widget. The Facebook tab will NOT display on your Facebook business page if your page does not have more than 2000 likes.

Adding a dedicated Hellopeter Review Tab to your Facebook page.

  1. Log in to your Hellopeter Portal.

  2. Click Social Integration.

Social Integration Installation Guide

  • Click Add Tab Now - labelled 1 above

  • You'll be redirected to login with your Facebook account

NB: You need to be the admin of your Facebook business page

  • Click Continue as {username} - labelled 2 above

  • Click the drop-down arrow - labelled 1 above

  • Select the Facebook business page you'd like to connect - labelled 2 above

  • After you've selected the Facebook page you'd like to connect (labelled 1 above), Click add page tab - labelled 2 above

  • The Facebook Review Tab will be successfully installed - (labelled 1 above)

  • Your Hellopeter reviews and average star rating will be displayed in a dedicated Hellopeter Review Tab

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