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You can easily turn your reviews into beautiful Social Ads for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in just a few clicks - no design skills needed.

Accessing Social Ads from the Hellopeter Portal

  1. Log in to your Hellopeter Portal

  2. Click Social Integration

  3. Click Social Ads

Social Ads Design Guide

Once you've selected the Social Ads menu item, you’ll be able to choose various options to create your customised Social Ad.

Image Creator Tab

  1. Choose your channel

Select the social channel and image size you'd like to create your Social Ad for. The list of channels include:

2. Background Image

This allows you to select an image from our range of existing images, or upload your own images

Once you have clicked "change background image" text link, you'll see two tabs:

  1. Standard images - this contains a pre-existing image library to select an image from.

  2. Your images - here you'll be able to upload, manage and select from your own image library.

3. Review

This allows you to select the review you'd like to use for your Social Ad.

Click the “Select your review” text link to view a list of all your reviews. You can filter your reviews by date, star rating or search for reviews with specific keywords. Choose your review by clicking on the review you’d like to use in your Social Ad.

Once you've selected a review, pick a quote from the review by highlighting the part of the review you’d like to include on your Social Ad. Keep in mind that you'll need to adjust the font size to accommodate the amount of text you select.


When selecting a review, make sure you highlight the part of the review that you'd like to display on your Social Ad. Only the text you've selected will be displayed.

4. Style

This allows you to customise the style of your Social Ad. You can edit the following:

  • Font Colour - choose a font colour to customise the copy of your review.

  • Font Size - choose a font size to customise the size of your review copy.

  • Alignment - customise your review copy alignment by either selecting left align, center, or right align.

  • Star rating colour - choose a fill colour for your star rating.

  • Filter contrast - choose a filter contrast (transparency effect over the image) by either selecting no filter, light filter or dark filter.

  • Add company logo - upload your company logo include in the Ad.

  • Company metrics - choose to display your Hellopeter metrics. This will show your overall rating based on the number of reviews you've received.

  • Hellopeter logo - select which of our 2 logo options you'd like to display on your Ad.

5. Preview pane

The preview pane allows you to view how your Social Ad will be displayed. There are 3 separate movable components on the image. These are:

  1. The review content

  2. The star rating

  3. Your company logo (if uploaded)

Each component has a blue dotted boarder and can be dragged anywhere over the image. Place your mouse over the component you'd like to move, and drag to the part of the image you'd like.

You can click on the "Reposition" text on the top right of the preview pain to zoom into the image. Use the zoom slider above the image to change the area of the image you want displayed in the Ad. Click "Done" when finished.

You can also reposition your Ad to a different part of the image. Click and drag the image to the area you want displayed in the Ad. Click "Done" when finished.

Here is an example of a Facebook feed (1200x630px)

Once you’ve created your Social Ad and ready to share it, click Publish to share on the social channel your Ad was created for. You can also click the Download button to download your image and share manually on your social pages.

Note - clicking Publish or Download will automatically save your image to your Ad Library.


In order to ensure you maintain the appropriate image dimensions for the respective social channel, please ensure your screen resolution is set to 100%. To share your Social Ad on Twitter and Instagram, simply download it and upload manually to your Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Ad Library Tab

This is where your Social Ads will be saved. You can go to your Ad Library anytime to download and share your Ads. You can filter your Ad library by date and channel.

For more information visit our support to get advice and answers, or reach out to the Hellopeter team via our live chat.

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