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Review invites help you to quickly collect reviews, build social proof and increase sales. We make it easy to invite your consumers to write a review about your business on Hellopeter. Additionally, there’s no registration or sign-in blocker for your customers. This means the recipient won’t be required to create a Hellopeter profile before being able to publish a review - significantly increasing conversion rates!

Your customers and potential new customers will find your business on multiple channels. Thats why we've launched our Google Review invite functionality which allows you to use Hellopeter review invites to drive Google reviews so you can build a consistent online reputation and review profile. By connecting your Google My Business account you can manage your review invite sending from one platform and collect reviews on multiple platforms.

Accessing Google Review Invitations

1. Log in to your Hellopeter Portal.

2. Click on Collect Reviews.

3. Click on Review Invites.

4. Click on the third tab called Google Reviews.

Once you’re on the Google Review page you’ll need to authenticate your Google My Business Account.

Authorising your Google My Business Account

1. Click Connect

2. Authorise Hellopeter on Google My Business

3. Choose an account

4. Allow Hellopeter to access your account

In order to manage your Google account in HP, there are default permissions that you authorise Google to grant our app. It's important to note, Hellopeter does not have an ability to manage the listing on your behalf. The ability to manage the listing is limited to sending out review invites which can only be done by the logged in business profile on Hellopeter.

5. Select the Google My Business location to add to your account


You’ll only be able to add one location to your Google My Business account.

Once you’ve authorised your Google My Business account on Hellopeter, you’ll be able to set the percentage of review invites that you’d like to direct customers to review your business on Google and customise your Google review invite.

Google Review Distribution

Choose the distribution of your review invites by percentage across Hellopeter and Google by moving the slider from left to right.


You can distribute up to a maximum of 20% of your review invites to Google. The remaining 80% will be directed to Hellopeter. If you send 100 review invites and choose to distribute 20% to Google then 80 invites will be sent directing customers to Hellopeter, and 20 invites directing customers to Google. If you only want to direct customers to write reviews on Hellopeter, make sure the percentage on the slider is set to zero.

When calculating the percentage split between Google and Hellopeter we always round up to the nearest one. As an example - if your slider is set to distribute 5% of your invites to Google and you send one email invite out, we will round up which means the one email invite will be sent to Google.

Google Review Invite Template

The Google Review email template will be delivered to all customers you’d like to write a Google review. Your customers can only write a Google review if they have a Gmail or G-Suite account. Our system automatically filters review invites to send Google invites only to users with a Gmail or G-suite address.


The Google review invite template is only available in a Landing Page template.

Google Review Invite Customisation

This section will allow you to customise the following:

Preview Review Invites

In the right-hand panel, you can see a preview of the review invite in a desktop and mobile email client.

Sending a Test Mail

Send a test mail to see how the review invite appears in an email client

- Add an email address

- Click Send Test


You cannot publish reviews from review invites sent using the send test function. You’re only able to view how your review invites will look in your email client and/or device. To send review invites to your customers you must send review invites from the Send Invites Tab.

Save Changes

Click Save Changes after you've customised your email template. Once you've saved your template, all sends in the queue will use your last saved email template. You’re able to change your email template customisation after you’ve uploaded customer information to the Send Queue.

Send Invites Queue

You can preview a list of customers that you've added to the Send Queue. After you've successfully added customers to the Send Queue, the Send Invites button will become active.

When you're ready to send your review invites, click the Send Invites button


All sends in the Send Queue will use your last saved email template. You’re able to change your email template customisation after you’ve uploaded customer information to the Send Queue.

History Tab Overview

In the History tab, you'll be able to do the following see a full history of all the review invites sent, export your review invite history, and resend review invites that have not been converted.

The Channel field displays the channel used to deliver the review invite. There are three channels:

  • Email - Hellopeter review invite

  • SMS - Hellopeter SMS review invite

  • Google - Google review invite


We’re unable to track if your Google review invite has been converted. Further, Google will only provide the display name of the reviewer, and doesn’t provide the full name and email address of the reviewer.

Using the Resend Text Link

This is a great way to follow up with customers who haven't converted their review invite. In order to avoid spamming your customers, we recommend you don’t resend a review invite to any customer that has received a review invite within 10 days.


When using the Resend function, Hellopeter doesn't deduct an additional review invite from your review invite quota (the number of review invites remaining will not reduce). Therefore, we give you unlimited chances of converting a review invite sent to a given customer without reducing your review invite quota.

For more information visit our support to get advice and answers, or reach out to the Hellopeter team via our live chat.

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