Everyone is at different stages of the job journey. Perhaps you're just figuring out what type of job you want, or maybe you're already applying to companies, or maybe you're in the throws of interviewing. Regardless of where you're at, Prosper has something for you. 

In addition to our Train Solo and Train with a Coach subscriptions, you can also get some extra help from your coach to up your game. 

Ask your coach about the following services: 

  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume & Cover Letter Review
  • Social Media Scan

Mock Interviews

Schedule a 60-min mock interview with a Prosper coach to help you up your game before you step into the real interview.  You select the time and we will send you a link so you can share your resume with your coach and we'll include the video conference details. After the interview, your coach will give you tips on how to prepare, give you customized feedback and an action plan to take you to the next level. 

Resume & Cover Letter Review

Two rounds of resume or cover letter edits with a Prosper coach to help you take your job application to the next level. Once you've submitted your documents, your coach will send you feedback within 48 hours. You'll have some time to incorporate the first set of edits into your resume before your final submission. Your final feedback will include tips on how to stand out and a score. 

Social Media Scan

Up your social media game with a Prosper Social Media review. A Prosper coach will analyze your LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook accounts and provide a recruiter ready score. You'll receive detailed feedback on how to boost your social media presence, align your personal brand to your dream job and avoid any awkward employer moments. 

Let your coach know that you're interested in extra support today. 

Questions? Send us a note at hi@helloprosper.com 

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