We hope that starting up with Hero is as pain-free as possible. Use this guide to get ready for booking your first appointment. 

Step one: Sign-up your practitioners

  • Click 'Practitioners' in the Hero sidebar 

  • Click 'Invite practitioner' (located in the top right of your screen)

  • Fill in the relevant information and click 'Create account'

Step two: Create your appointments 

  • Click 'Settings' in the Hero sidebar 

  • Click 'Appointment types' in the Appointment settings section

  • Click 'Add new type' (located in the top right of your screen)

  • When filling in the relevant information remember these key details:

  1.  The 'Before you book' section refers to information seen in the booking flow. E.g for a 'Child standard appointment,' it could say 'This appointment is for under 16's only.'

  2. The 'Need to know' section will appear on email invoices sent to patients. This section may have details such as 'please bring your passport to the appointment.'

  3. The 'Accessibility' tick box asks whether you would like your appointments to appear online.

  • When you have finished filling in your appointment details, click 'Save'.

Step three: Create practitioner availability 

Set-up practitioners availability to show when your practitioners are in. 

  • Click 'Practitioners' in the Hero sidebar

  • Click 'Availability' next to the relevant practitioner

  • Click anywhere in the diary and you will see this screen appear

  • Firstly, select the relevant location for the practitioner in question.

  • Secondly, only tick the appointments that you would like them to offer. The availability modal will default to selecting all appointments.

  • Thirdly, select the date and timeframe your practitioner is available and click book. Note: if you would like to book availability for multiple days, click the repeat tick-box and the following screen will appear.

  • Our 'Repeat every' drop down shows whether you would like this availability to repeat every week, or every other week and so forth. E.g, if your practitioner was in every three weeks. You would select 'Repeat every 3 weeks' in this drop down.

  • To select which days you would like your practitioner to be available, simply highlight them in our day chart. 

  • Our 'End after' drop down shows how many occurrences of this sequence you would like to select. E.g In the image above, the practitioner would be available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for 6 weeks.

We hope this is helpful. Once you have completed these steps your appointments will appear online, and you will be ready for online booking!



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