With Hero, admins can book appointments from patients in next to no time.

To book an appointment, start by clicking into the diary. You will see that if you click the diary underneath a practitioners name, the booking modal below will automatically populate their availability (I have clicked Dr Blake in our example diary.)

  • Start by typing in the patients name in the top right of your screen. Note for new patients you will have to register them in the app by clicking 'Click here to add new patient.'

  • Then select the ¬†correct appointments that are listed below

E.g I have selected Marty Mcfly to have an allergy test below

  • Then select the time the patient would like to come in. In the above image, I have selected 14:30.

  • When all of the correct fields have been selected. Click 'PROCEED TO PAYMENT' to finish the booking.

You are now ready to book appointments through our booking modal!


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