How GoCardless works

GoCardless puts you in control of when you collect payment as your patient authorises you to take automated Direct Debit payments from their bank account.

Once GoCardless is set up, whenever you issue an invoice, payment will automatically be collected as soon as it’s due.

Why is it useful?

  1. Reduced fees on high value transactions - GoCardless fees are 1% capped at £2, making it a great alternative to expensive Debit and Credit card processing fees

  2. You never need to update customer payment details - While Debit and Credit cards expire, unless your customer changes bank accounts, you won’t have to worry about updating their payment details either. This means GoCardless payments have a very low rate of payment failure (less than 1%) compared to Debit and Credit cards (3-5%).

  3. Automatic reconciliation - Rather than needing to sift through your bank statements to log BACS transfers, use GoCardless to have customer led transactions paid-online and automatically reconciled. 

You can also sync GoCardless with Xero, our other integration.

We hope you like it!


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