Booking healthcare appointments online is now fast and easy.

Firstly, select what type of practitioner you would like to see, and the location you would like to visit, using the dropdown menus. The image below shows I have chosen to see a 'GP' at 'Mayfield Clinic Oxford Summertown'.

Once you have selected these options, click 'Find an appointment.'

The following screen will ask you what sort of appointment you would like. You will be given the appointment name as well as a description, price and duration. Make sure to choose an appointment you are eligible for - options which are for members only are marked by a star symbol, as shown for the 'Standard GP Consultation' and 'Allergy Test' options below.

Note: If you'd like to purchase a membership, continue with the booking and you will see a link to do this later.

Once you have selected your appointment type, you will be asked to select a time. You are able to select a specific practitioner in the drop-down box, or you can ignore this if you're happy to see any practitioner. You can also select a preferred date with our calendar modal. See more appointments, at later dates, using the 'More appointments' button. Simply select the time you would like to visit and press continue.

After you have selected your appointment time, you will be asked for your email address if you are not already signed in, or fill in a sign up form if you are new to Hero.

Next, please let the practitioner know whether the appointment is for yourself or a third party using the Patient Information section. You can edit patient details or add a new patient here too. You also need to give them a brief reason for booking the appointment.

Finally, fill in your payment details and pay for your appointment to complete the booking. Easy!

Thank you for booking an appointment with Hero.

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