Creating availability allows patients to book and pay for appointments online. 

To add availability, click the green '+' symbol in the diary.

Once you have clicked this button, a pop-up will appear with our appointment booking options, you will need to select the 'availability' tab in the top left to book practitioner availability. Once selected, it should look like the image below.

To set practitioner availability, start by selecting which location you would like the availability to be at. You can find this in the drop-down at the top left of the pop-up. Secondly, choose which practitioner you would like to set the availability for. 

Next, select which appointments you would like to make available to patients. These appointments are highlighted in navy blue on the image above. In this instance, I have selected both appointments. 

Note: you can make availability that does not appear online. This may signify that the practitioner is working, but not taking online bookings. To do this, do not select any appointments at this stage. 

Finally, to create a singular availability slot, select the date and timeframes you would like to create the slot. This can be found in the right-hand section of the pop-up. Once completed, click 'Set Availability'.

Note: if you would like to book a block of slots e.g Mon-Fri 9pm - 12pm, please read on.

To create repeat availability, tick the repeat box on the right-hand side of the modal. Once completed, you will see the below screen.

To repeat the availability every week, select '1 weeks' in the 'Repeat every' drop-down. To repeat it every other week, select '2 weeks' and so on.

The 'End after' drop-down asks how many weeks you would like to create the availability. If you have selected 'Repeat every 1 weeks' and choose 'End after 6 occurrences,' the availability you have selected will repeat every week for six weeks.

Finally, select the days of the week you would like the availability to repeat on. In the image below I have selected Monday - Friday.

To set the availability click the green 'Set availability button'. Your availability slots will now appear in the diary.

Watch a video demonstration below:

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