How to create a self-serve product on Hero
Allow patients to buy services directly from your website?
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Selling products on Hero is simple. For practitioners who wish to sell tests, reports, equipment etc outside of an appointment, Hero have developed a self-serve product feature.

To setup a self-serve product, firstly visit 'Settings' and click 'Product settings', then 'Product setup'.

Next click, 'Add' in the top right of the products table.

Fill in the relevant information.

Note: You must have product categories set-up to progress through this stage. To view our article on how to set up 'Product categories' visit the link below:

Once you have named your product, given it it's unique code (a short-hand way for you to identify it), listed it's price, and assigned it a category, switch 'Self-Serve' to 'Yes.'

This product will then appear on your locations page as 'An additional item for sale.' Click 'View' and you will see your products listed below.

Watch a tutorial video on setting up a product category and a new self-serve product below:

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