We have developed a notifications system which allows you to track when a patient has purchased a self-serve product on Hero.

Firstly you will need to enable the feature in settings

  • Click 'Settings'

  • Click 'Practice group settings'

  • Switch 'Notifications' to 'On'

Once you have switched the 'Notifications' setting on, you will see it appear in Hero toolbar.

The system for notifications is very simple, every time a product is purchased from your website, you will receive a notification.

When you receive a notification, click 'Notifications' in the toolbar.

Hero will notify you with the date and detail of the purchase. From this screen, an administrator can assign themselves as responsible for delivering the purchase to the patient.

Once the product has been delivered to the patient, the administrator who was responsible for delivery can assign the status of the notification as 'Closed'.

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