Today we have replaced 'Unavailability' with an 'Administration' feature in Hero. Admins are able to attribute names, blocks of colour and notes to signify 'administrative' time slots in the diary.

This may be useful for plotting a practitioners lunch break, scheduling whole team meetings, or setting reminders for practitioners in the diary.

Hero gives you the functionality to customise what you would like to name these time slots and which colour you would like them to appear in the diary.

To customise the names of the administration blocks you would like to put in the diary, firstly visit settings, and click 'Administration Control.'

Secondly, click 'Add' and type the name of the time slot you would like to use in the diary. Next, click 'Submit.'

Once you have submitted your administrative time slot, click 'Diary' in the Hero toolbar.

Next, click the green plus button in the top right of the diary screen. When the pop-up booking modal appears, click the 'Administration' tab, highlighted in green, in the top left of the modal.

Now you are ready to set up your Administrative slot. Firstly, on the left of the pop-up, choose which practitioner you would like the meeting to be with or for. I have selected the GP, Dr Smith for this occasion. Next select the date, and the time of the meeting below.

Once you have selected the date and time of the meeting, click the 'Type' drop down to find the block you would like to select. This is where you will find the 'Staff meeting' you created in settings.

Next, choose whether you would like to write any notes on the administrative time block. You can select whether you would like to tag any patients to them, and choose which colour you would like your meeting to appear in the diary. Finally, decide whether any action from you or other parties is required in the time frame, and click confirm.

You will then see your 'Administration' block appear in the diary.

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