Setting up appointments on Hero is simple. Start by clicking 'Settings' in the toolbar, followed by 'Appointment setup' in the 'Settings' menu.

Next, type the name of the consultation you would like to offer, set the price for the consultation and choose how long you would like it to be.

Once you have completed the appointment details, type your appointment description. We recommend you make this detailed, so patients are properly informed when choosing certain appointments.

Following writing the appointment descriptions, fill in the patient communications sections.

The 'Before you book' section offers you a chance to re-iterate what you have said in your appointment description further into the booking process. This stops patients from booking the wrong appointment. For example, the picture below will stop non-members from booking this appointment.

The 'Need to know' section allows you to communicate details to patients in their appointment confirmation emails. This should be the same for all appointments, and might detail how to find the practice, or when patients should arrive.

Next, choose whether you would like 'Members' or 'Non-members' to book the appointment online. If both are unticked, only your admin team will be able to book the appointment, and it will not appear online.

Next, in the 'Settings' section select whether you would like the appointment to be customisable. This determines whether admins can edit the price and length of the appointment when they are booking it.

Choose where you will be delivering the appointments. We suggest you stick to our default setting of 'Consultant's own rooms' if none of the other choices appear obvious. Enter your 'Procedure code' and 'Ind std code' if applicable.

Click 'Save' and repeat for all the appointments you would like to offer.

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