Start by visiting to reach Hero's homepage, then click 'Account' at the top right of the page. Click 'login'.

Next, type in your email address in the box and click 'Continue'.

You will be asked to check your inbox, corresponding to the email address you just entered. You should receive a 6-digit code in an email from us in an email similar to this one:

Type or copy this into the 'Verification code' box in the Hero sign in page. Then click the teal Sign in button.

If you can't find the code, or you don't enter it within 15 minutes of receiving the email, you can click the 'Resend verification code' button to receive another email with a new code, or you can opt for the code to be texted to your phone number instead.

Alternatively, if you have set a password on your account, click the 'Use password instead' button to sign in with your password.

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