To change your preferred payment method in Hero, start by signing into your patient account.

Click the 'Menu' option, then click 'Payment methods.'

Next, to change an existing card, click the menu button next to the card detail that is stored.

Here, you can 'Remove' the card that was previously stored, or make it your preferred payment method. Once you have removed your card, simply fill in the box below to add a new card.

If you would like to create a direct debit mandate with a practice of your choosing, scroll down the screen and click 'Set-up a Direct Debit' in the 'Direct Debit' section.

Fill in the required information, select the practice group you would like to create the direct debit with, click the confirm box if you are the account holder responsible for the account the direct debit payments will be taken from, and click 'Set up direct debit.'

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