Downloading the Hero toolbar is easy and only takes a few minutes. Before you start, check with your practice manager to make sure your organisation's EMIS is set up to be used with the Hero toolbar. This can be set up here.

Step 1: Log into your Hero account here.

Step 2: Download the Hero toolbar

  • On the left hand menu, open Settings, find Integrations and click on EMIS.

  • In the Hero Toolbar section, click Download.

  • Once you have been redirected to Dropbox, click the 'Install-Hero' icon.

  • Next, click 'Download' followed by 'Direct Download' in the dropdown.

  • Your download will then appear in the 'Downloads' folder of your computer.

  • Find Hero in your Downloads folder and and click to run the installer.

  • Launch the Hero toolbar

Step 3: Connect the toolbar to your Hero account

  • When you launch the toolbar for the first time, it will not be connected to your Hero account yet, and a window will appear to prompt you to log in.

  • Enter your Hero account login details.

Your Hero toolbar is now ready to use!

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