'Availability' in EMIS is called 'Sessions.' To create a session log into EMIS and click 'Appointment book' on the home screen.

Next, click 'Create Session' to create an availability block.

Next, name your availability slot. Select the date you would like it to start, and choose the time frame you would like the session to start and end.

Next, choose your 'Slot Duration' and assign the session to an existing session category.

Note: It is best if you make your 'Slot Duration' the smallest common denominator of your Hero appointment types. At our medical clinic in Oxford, we do 10 mins so we can easily book in 10, 20, 40 and 60 mins appointments.

You will then see your 'Session Preview' populate on the right hand side of the modal.

Note: I have chosen 10 minute slots and 'My-non list' as the category.

Make sure not to tick the 'Hide from Patient Facing Services and Diary' and select whether you would like to add any notes to your availability. Once you have done that, choose which Location you would like the availability to be in.

Finally, decide whether you would like to create a 'Recurrence.' If you would, click 'Define.' Next, click whether you would like the slot type to be repeated 'Daily,' 'Weekly' or 'Monthly,'

In the example image I have selected 'Daily,' I then selected the 'Every weekday' option and chose for the recurrence to 'End after 4 Occurence(s).' This means the slot type will appear every weekday for the next 4 weeks.

When you are happy with your selections click 'Ok.'

Next, select 'Session Holders (click to edit)' and select which practitioner you would like this session to apply for. We recommend you setup availability individually for practitioners.

Next, click 'Add' and select the practitioner you would like to select.

Once you have chosen the practitioner you would like to select, click 'Add' in the bottom right of the modal.

Note: if you would like to save this session as a 'Template' click the 'Save as template...' button. Once you’ve saved your template, you can load from template when the modal first opens to avoid having to set everything up each time.

Finally, click 'Create' to setup the availability (bottom right of the modal).

Note: if you would like to change individual slot types to add more detail to your diary view, follow the link below:

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