Slot types are characterised by three definitions in Hero:

  1. Bookable - Refers to bookings for patients who are synced in Hero and EMIS

  2. Not bookable - Slots that are not available to be booked

  3. Unregistered patient booking - Slots that have been booked for patients who have not been synced in Hero and EMIS (e.g. patients who do not have an EMIS ID listed in Hero)

Note: To find out how to sync patients in Hero and EMIS follow this link:

To set up the Hero-EMIS sync properly, you need to create an unregistered slot type in EMIS, and then map it to the Unregistered patient booking in the Hero EMIS Settings.

An Unregistered Slot Type is a slot type that you create in EMIS. It will be used if a patient books an appointment through the Hero portal but Hero cannot find a patient to sync with in EMIS.

To create a slot type in EMIS, first go to your appointment book by clicking on the EMIS logo in the top left corner, and clicking Appointments.

Now click 'Appts config' in the top right of the toolbar.

Next, click 'Slot Types' in the left hand Organisation Options sidebar. This will bring up a list of all the slot types you have created in EMIS.

Next, click 'Add' (+) and fill in the Slot Type Details. Name the slot something you will recognise as a Hero unregistered booking, and make sure the Bookable Slot box is ticked. Give the slot type a colour that stands out from the rest of your slot types, so that you can easily identify Hero Unregistered slots.

Note: It is useful to denote specific icons and colours to slot types to make them stand out in your diary.

Once you are finished click 'OK'.

This is all you need to do in EMIS to create the Hero Unregistered slot type. You can now set up the Hero-EMIS sync within the Hero admin site. To do this, follow the instructions by clicking on the button below.

Note: to learn how to apply slot types to your EMIS diary please read on

To apply slot types to your EMIS diary

To apply a slot type to your EMIS diary, start by selecting the time frames you would like to apply them.

Next, right click the highlighted section and click 'Slot properties'

Next, select which slot type you would like to allocate to your selected time frame. Choose whether you would like to add any additional notes. In the below example, I have selected 'Administration' and said that Dr Turk wants to complete patient reports.

Click Ok, and watch the slot type enter your diary.

Finally, go back to your Hero diary and click the green refresh button in the top right the diary.

You will then see the appointment slots enter your Hero diary.

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