The pink icon next to EMIS ID below denotes if a patient has not been synced in EMIS and Hero.

An unregistered patient booking is a booking that takes place with a patient that has not been synced in Hero and EMIS.

To receive notifications when an 'Unregistered patient booking' has been made, start by clicking 'Settings.'

Next click 'Notifications.'

Next, make sure you have clicked 'On' next to 'EMIS unregistered patient alert.' This means that when an 'Unregistered patient booking' is made in Hero, you will be alerted with a Hero notification.

Mr Allan Martin (patient below) has not been linked in Hero and EMIS. I have booked him an appointment for Weds 14 October and 10.00 below.

Once the appointment has been booked, you will receive a notification in the notifications section of Hero. To get there, click 'Notifications.' This notification shows that you have booked an unregistered patient in EMIS.

To link the patient accounts, go into EMIS and search for the patient you would like to link.

Firstly, click the EMIS button. Next, click 'Find Patient' and search for the patient in question.

Double click the patients name in the drop down and you will be taken to his dashboard.

On the right hand side of the blue dashboard, you will see his EMIS No. which is 533.

Go into Hero, and click the pink link icon in the notification you have just received.

Click 'Save' to link the patients.

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