The word 'Add' will be displayed next to 'EMIS' in the patient table if a patient has not been synced in EMIS and Hero

To link a patient account in EMIS and Hero you need to find the patients unique EMIS number within EMIS.

Firstly, click the EMIS button in the top left section of the EMIS screen.

Next, click 'Find Patient' and search for the patient in question.

Double click the patients name in the drop down and you will be taken to their dashboard.

Select the down arrow next to 'Active' to see the whole patient dashboard.

Next, copy the EMIS No. from the patient dashboard.

Find the same patient in the Hero 'Patients' table and click 'Add' in the ID column next to 'EMIS:'.

Add the EMIS ID and click 'Save'.

Now the patient will be linked in EMIS and Hero, so their appointments will no longer appear as Unregistered Bookings.

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