Appointment links allow administrators to generate bespoke links for their websites. Admins can use our links to jump patients into specific booking flows. Appointment links save patient time by bypassing your practice's generic appointments page.

To direct a patient into a booking flow for a specific appointment, at a specific location and with a specific practitioner follow the steps below:

Firstly, click 'Settings', then 'Appointment settings', then 'Appointment setup'.

Next, click the 'three dots' button next to the appointment you wish to select, followed by 'Create link'.

Finally, determine the location for the appointment link, and whether you would like it to reference a specific practitioner.

Once you have filled in the create link modal, click create. The link will then be automatically copied to your clip board. You will then be able to add it to the relevant button on your website.

Looking to create appointments that patients can only book if they have been provided with the link?

You can create appointment types that don't appear on the main booking page, and instead can only be booked by clicking on a booking link sent out to patients.

This allows you to control who can access certain appointment types.

To make an appointment only accessible via a link:

  1. Log into your admin account and go to Settings

  2. Click on Appointment Setup

  3. Find the appointment type, click on the 3 dots and click 'Edit'

  4. Scroll down to "Is this appointment visible to patients?" and switch this to 'No'

Click 'Save'

Now this appointment type will only be accessible by patients who you send a booking link to.

Create a booking link as per the above instructions, and send it out to the relevant patient group.

Remember: if you want all patients to be able to book this appointment type on the main booking page, you will need to switch the appointment visibility back on.

You can check which appointments are not visible (i.e. only bookable via a link) in the appointment types table in 'Appointment Setup' in Settings.

View a video tutorial on setting up booking links below:

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