Importing products into Hero is simple. Begin by navigating to the settings page (using the sidebar) from your Hero homepage.

From here, click 'Product setup' in the 'Product settings' cluster, and then proceed to click the 'Import' button in the top right. This will then lead you to the below screen:

To import a new product, a CSV file is required so that the product can be programmed and integrated into your currently offered products. Step 1 outlines the instructions for CSV file completion.

You will also need to allocate a 'category for import' using the downbar seen above. This is Step 2.

The CSV file is downloaded from Step 3, on the same webpage, as seen below:

Once you have completed the CSV file (using Step 1 for guidance), upload the file to Hero by clicking 'Choose File' and then 'Upload'.

Once the product has been uploaded successfully, a green confirmation bar will appear at the top of the screen, meaning that patients will now be able to make use of the imported product.

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