Congratulations on joining Hero! To get set up you will need to log into your admin account via the link below:

To get Hero working, we first need to set up:

  • Appointment types.

  • Practitioner profiles.

  • Location(s).

These steps can be found in the Hero settings. Click on Settings in the admin toolbar, on the left hand side of your screen.

To set up appointment types:

  • Go to Appointment Setup and add a new appointment.

  • Give the template a name, duration, price and description.

  • Use the Video switch to determine whether this appointment type will be virtual.

Or watch our video example:

To set up a Location:

  • Go to Settings.

  • Go to Features section.

  • Add new location ('+ Add').

  • Make sure you add an address, contact number, map URL (for our interactive marketplace), and location code.

  • Add location images and an About section to boost your practice's profile in the Marketplace. You can always edit this later.

Watch the clip below to see an example location setup:

To set up Practitioners:

  • Go to Settings

  • Go to Practitioner Settings

  • Use Practitioner setup to add your practitioners.

  • Set which locations they are based at, and which appointment types they offer.

  • Configure their notification settings as prompted.

Include an image and additional details like qualifications and languages to boost their profile.

Watch the clip below to see us demonstrate how to set up a new practitioner:

Congratulations! You've set up the three basic ingredients of your Hero account.

Feel free to go back through the above steps to set up the rest of your locations, practitioners, and appointment types.

Next, we need to add admin users and create practitioner availability, so that you can start taking online bookings:

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