This article will give you an idea of how Hero fits together as a whole, from creating availability right through to booking, editing, and cancelling an appointment.

To keep things simple, we've included only the basics to provide a good overview.

You can dig into our exciting additional features like booking links, forms, memberships, and products here.

The Booking Flow

  1. Admin creates availability for Practitioners, by clicking in the Diary.

2. Admin books an appointment in one of two ways. Either:

a) Admin books an appointment for a patient by clicking the + button or clicking on the Practitioner availability slot.


b) Patient books themselves an appointment via a button on the clinic's website or a link sent via email/text.

3. When the appointment is created:

  • the admin and patient will receive a Booking Confirmation, and

  • the appointment will be added to the Diary.

4. An invoice will automatically be created.

  • If the patient booked the appointment, they will pay at the point of booking.

  • If the admin booked on the patient's behalf, there will be an option for the patient to pay later. Automatic reminders can be sent as required.

5. The booking can be edited, rescheduled or cancelled as required, using the 'Actions' button in the Appointment Summary.

6. Patients can be billed for additional products or services rendered at the appointment, by viewing the appointment summary page and clicking 'Find or add a product...'.

Watch an example of an admin booking an appointment for a patient here:

The EMIS booking flow is slightly different.

To be guided through the use of Hero's additional features, please press the button below:

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