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Step 5: Hero's additional features
Step 5: Hero's additional features
Forms, Links, Memberships, and Products. Setting up these features provides a better Hero experience to both practitioners and patients.
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Once you have set up the basics using this guide, you can get started with our more advanced features to get the most out of Hero.


Add forms to your appointment types to collect extra information from your patients at the point of booking.

  • Make sure you don't ask for information that is already captured when the patient sets up their Hero account (e.g. name, DoB, address, etc.).

Watch a tutorial video below:

Customised booking links

Create links that you can send to patients, directing them straight into the appropriate booking flow.

  • Minimise the effort required from users to book appointments, increasing bookings and user satisfaction.

Watch a video tutorial on appointment booking links below:

Customised payment links

Create payment links to take patients straight into the payment flow, without needing to sign in.

Watch a video tutorial on payment links below:


Create memberships to offer an enhanced experience to regular users.

View a video tutorial on creating a new membership type below:


Add products that users can purchase through Hero.

  • Self-serve products can be purchased by patients without an appointment. If you turn self-serve off, the practitioner will need to add the product for the patient.

Watch the video tutorial below on setting up a product and a product category:

Congratulations! Setting up these additional features will enhance your users' experience of Hero and make sure they get the best out of what you have to offer.

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