As an admin you can add alternative email addresses to your patients' accounts.

This gives you more flexibility over where emails for a patient will be sent, and allows you do copy multiple email accounts into emails sent via Hero.

To add a secondary email for a patient:

  1. Log into your admin account

  2. Go to the Patients table by clicking on the Patients tab in the sidebar

  3. Find the patient (use the search bar to help, if you like) and click the 'Edit' button

  4. In the 'Contact details' section, click on 'Show alternate email addresses'

  5. Type the additional email address into the box

  6. Scroll down and click 'Save'

  7. If you'd like to add another email address, repeat the above steps and enter the email address in the 'Alternate email 2' box.

  8. When sending emails to the patient, for example an invoice, you can choose which email accounts will receive the message.

Watch a demo video below:

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