If patients book appointments themselves, they must pay at the point of booking.

However, if you book an appointment on their behalf, you can invoice them for payment at a later date.

Payment links are an easy way for patients to pay their outstanding invoices at the click of a link, without needing to even sign in.

To create a payment link for an unpaid invoice:

  1. Sign into your admin account and go to the 'Invoices' page

  2. Click on 'Unpaid' to see outstanding invoices only

  3. Click on the Actions button (3 dots)

  4. Click 'Payment link'

  5. The link is now copied to your clipboard. Paste it into a message to the billpayer.

  6. When the billpayer clicks on the link, they will be taken to the following page to pay the invoice. They don't need to sign in or provide any details other than their payment details.

Watch a demo video below:

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