In this article we will answer questions we frequently receive from admins relating to patient email addresses.

  1. Can I send booking confirmations to more than one account for a patient?

Patients can now have more than one email address linked to their account.

When sending a Hero email, you will be able to select which accounts to send the correspondence to.

2. What about patients who don't have email addresses? Can they still use Hero?

Patients must use an email to sign up for Hero themselves, but we do allow Admins to overpower this and set up an email-less account on a patient's behalf.

As an Admin, you can create a patient account without an email address. To do this, add a new patient to the Patients table, and leave the email section blank. You can always go back and edit this later.

We recommend including email addresses wherever possible, because this allows us to send booking confirmations, invoices etc.

3. Can two accounts share an email address?

We now allow multiple patient accounts to share an email address. However, the second patient account needs to be set up by an Admin user, registering the email address as an alternate email.

We recommend having unique email addresses for each patient wherever possible. This gives patients the greatest autonomy in booking their own appointments.

4. I am trying to register my patient but it says their details are already in use elsewhere. What can I do?

This means that the patient already has an account set up with their email, possibly at another clinic, or they may have a Hero account from a previous booking.

Ask the patient to try resetting their password via this link:

If you believe the patient has accidentally created more than one account, contact and we will merge the accounts for you.

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