To create availability:

  • Go to the Diary page.

  • Click the Add (+) button.

  • Click into the availability tab.

  • Create the availability slot.

Watch a demo video below:

To create admin users:

  • Go to Settings.

  • Go to Admin Accounts.

  • Click Add to invite a new admin user.

  • Once they have accepted the invitation, you can edit their profile to decide which features they can access.

  • Set Locations and Practitioners permissions for the admin user. They will only be able to view bookings and information for locations and practitioners for which they have permission.

In 'Edit' you can also link them to a practitioner account.

Watch a demo video below:

Congratulations! You have now added enough information for patients to begin booking appointments online. To get the best Hero experience, you should now read steps 3-5 to better understand the app and set up our more advanced features.

Press the button below for step 3:

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