Practices need to set up Hero as an API partner in EMIS so that we can authenticate your practice.

  1. Log into an EMIS account with Practice Manager/Administrator permissions.

  2. Click on the EMIS icon/bubble and go to System Tools -> EMAS Manager.

  3. Select Partner API (bottom left-hand corner).

  4. Scroll to Hero Health in the list above and select it. This is a test system so the name is Herotest. When you do this step, please select Hero Health.

  5. Click Edit Users.

  6. Select a user to authenticate the API, check the box next to their name and set an
    API password for them by selecting ‘Change Password’. You only need to set this up for one user.

  7. Click 'Login Access'.

  8. For the same API user, check both boxes for ‘Auto Login’ and ‘Allow Login’.

  9. Once this is done, please send us the username and API password for the user you’ve configured and we’ll authenticate the practice with this user.

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