Q: Do we need to change the slot type when we want previously embargoed slots to become available or can we rely on the automation of embargoes in EMIS?

A: You can rely on the automation of embargoes in EMIS, and this will pull across to Hero once you have set up the Hero-EMIS Settings correctly. This is a good way to manage online booking slot releases.

Q: Do we need to create different slot types within a session?

A: You do not need to create different slot types within a session. For patients booking through Hero, this is taken care of by the Hero practitioner default availability types setting, which is found within Practitioner Setup in Settings. If a practitioner can only offer certain appointment types, then if you create a generic availability slot patients will still only be able to book appointments offered by the practitioner.

The session in EMIS just needs to be a bookable slot type. This means the full session will be available to online bookings, and the sessions in Hero will create from the practitioner settings.

Q: Do we need to create unregistered slots within a session, for patients without EMIS numbers?

A: The unregistered booking slot type doesn't need to be included in the sessions at all, it just needs to exist.

Q: When creating sessions in EMIS, do I need to check the box for 'Patient Facing Services'?

A: No.

Q: In the Hero-EMIS Setup, what does the --DISABLED-- option mean?

A: This option will prevent bookings made in EMIS from coming back into Hero. If you need EMIS bookings to come back into Hero, you should change this to one of your Hero appointment types.

However, bookings made in EMIS will still always block off the availability in Hero, to prevent double bookings. The --DISABLED-- option just prevents the actual appointment slots and details being pulled across from EMIS.

Q: Will Hero import a list of patients and their details from EMIS when we sync?

A: No, we will not sync patient data across from EMIS, in order to protect patient confidentiality.

Q: The Admin Notifications page is showing an unregistered patient entry. What does this mean and do I need to do anything?

A: This notifies you that a patient who is not linked to an EMIS account has booked an appointment. If your practice works mainly in Hero, rather than EMIS, this can help you resolve the bookings and match patients to their EMIS accounts.

If you don't want notifications, you can turn them off entirely in Practice Group Settings or control them for specific notification types in Notification Settings.

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