Getting your reader ready for payment is a simple 3 step process:

1. Turn on your reader and connect it to the Internet

2. Log into Hero as admin and set up a Stripe Location

3. Register the reader at that location

This should take no more than 5 minutes.

1. Turn on your reader and connect it to the Internet

  • Connect your reader to a power source.

  • Input 0WIFI (09434) into reader keypad to connect your reader to the Network.

    • The network that the reader connects to must be the same network as the computer used to access Hero. This connection can be made via:

      a) WiFi

      b) Ethernet cable - instructions for how to connect an ethernet cable to your reader are contained in its packaging

2. Log in as Hero admin and set up a Stripe Location

To achieve this, simply follow these steps:

a) Click settings (bottom option of bar on left of the screen)

b) Click features (top option)

c) Click Practice Group Settings (top option of dropdown menu)

d) Scroll down to subheading ‘Stripe’

e) Press ‘+ Location’ button (right side of the screen)

f) Select your practice location from dropdown menu and ‘Save new location’

3. Register the reader at your new location

a) Click the three dots icon aligned with your new location on right side of screen

b) Select ‘Edit’

c) Click ‘+ New’ button in line with ‘Readers’ heading (right side of screen)

At this point, please have the physical card reader and its packaging to hand.

d) Enter your ‘Registration code’

  • To generate this code: input 07139 into reader keypad. This will display a 3-word code to register with a Hero location (please note that this will disconnect your reader from any previously linked locations when entered).

e) Enter your ‘Reader label’ (you decide what to call each reader to differentiate between multiple)

Congratulations, your card reader is set up and ready to take payments.

For guidance on how to take payments please follow this link: ___________.

If you wish to test your connection status, there are codes to do so with the following link:

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