Sometimes the Hero widget isn’t able to connect to EMIS. There are a number of different reasons for that. Below are the errors you might encounter and how to solve them.

Error message: ‘Technical error’

This means there is a technical fault preventing the toolbar from connecting to EMIS. The most common cause of this is that Microsoft .NET 3.5 features have not been installed on the machine that you are using.

You can check by using this guide (you might need to contact your system administrator for access to do this). The steps you need to take to install these features can differ depending on the version of Windows you are using.

If .NET 3.5 features are already installed on your computer and you are still seeing this error, please contact our support at

Error message: ‘Please login to EMIS. Inactive’

If this is your error, your widget tabs should be disabled.

This means that there is a setup issue preventing the Hero toolbar from connecting to EMIS. Your practice manager might need to help you set up this connection following these steps:

Make sure the Hero toolbar can connect to EMIS

  1. Click on the EMIS menu in the top left corner of the screen, select System tools and open EMAS manager. Ask your practice manager to help you if you cannot access this section of EMIS.

  2. On the list on the left hand side of the screen, find Partner API, scroll down the list to find Hero. Ensure there is a green tick next to Hero. If there is no green tick, click Activate Application.

Ensure Hero has login access to your account

  1. Click the Login Access button

  2. Ensure that all users who need to use the Hero Toolbar have both checkboxes ticked next to their name. Once this is set up, Hero will check against your logged in session on EMIS and, if configured, it will allow you to login through the widget automatically.

By the way it will also show this error when EMIS is locked. (been open for ages and switched to lock screen). Need to reactivate?

If, after going through these steps, your tabs are still disabled and you can’t get the widget to connect, try restarting the widget and see if that refreshes the connection.

If that doesn’t help, please send a zip file of the logs to and we will investigate further. These can be found at the following location (make sure you have hidden files set to visible or you won’t find them!): C:\Users\[YOUR_USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\hero-widget - please send us the full content of that file

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