When new EMIS feature updates are released in Hero Health your practice will need to reactivate the Hero - EMIS connection, to use the new features.

Reactivating the Hero - EMIS connection can be completed in 5 simple steps.

  1. Log into an EMIS account with Practice Manager/Administrator permissions.

  2. Access EMAS Manager via the EMIS icon in the top left of the screen and go to System Tools > EMAS Manager.

  3. Once you have accessed EMAS Manager open Partner API (bottom left of the screen) and scroll to find and select Hero Health.

  4. Once you have selected Hero Health click Deactivate Application (top left). This will turn off the connection with EMIS.

  5. When the Activate Application button turns green you can reactivate the connection by clicking Activate Application.

    Now that you have successfully reconnected Hero Health and EMIS you will be able to access the latest feature updates.

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